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Why I Have Not Been Approved For A Personal Loan Application

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The Major Things You Have To Know About Personal Loans

Presently, getting a personal loan is getting both “easy” and “difficult” at the same time. This is because of failure to know what a personal loan is, the works and the rest of them.

But I want to throw more light on some of the things you supposed to know, that may have made you fail in the past, before you apply for the next personal loan offer online. Below are the things you have to know before you start thinking of getting personal loans.

  • The meaning of personal loan
  • How personal loan works
  • Things to avoid when getting personal loans
  • The requirement needed for getting a personal loan

The Meaning Of Personal Loan:

A personal loan is an unsecured loan, what do I mean here? I mean that it is a loan that can be approved without any valued assets like cars, stores, house etc

It is a quick solution for an instant cash needs like paying for home renovation, medical emergency bill, for holiday trips, for buying and repairing the old cars, for wedding ceremony and anything else that your needs maybe.

It is been used due to the intentions you have in mind before taking a first step, whether for home renovations, paying of bills, for leisure and whatever the case may be at your own side, it is a loan used to solve some urgent and current financial needs that arise.

How Personal Loans Works:

Very surprising right! If you have been wondering how it works for so many people, just know it that it is very easy and straight forward to use. For instant, if you apply and receive information that it’s been approved, then you will receive the exact amount of cash in which you requested to borrow in bulk so that it will be meaningful when using it.

But that is not all, paying back the money is another thing that matters a lot, the method of paying back is by installment, the due time to pay back is determined by the terms of your loan.

Another thing is to make sure that you find a loan that is on fixed rate so that the interest rate will not change during the time of paying off the balance. Glance through the details in the fine print including the terms attached to your loans, read everything clearly and understand it before you try to sign any document provided. Ask questions to the loan officer there and get all the possible information based on the loan you want to apply for.

Beneath are some of the few questions you should ask about personal loan:

  • Is the interest rate fixed?
  • What is the interest rate?
  • What is the original fee?
  • What is Annual Percentage Rate (APR)?
  • Is there any fee for late payments?
  • Is there any other thing included in the loan
  • Will I have to pay a fee for prepaying the balance on the loan?

It is of great important to gather enough information so that you will take a good decision, don’t be scared to ask any confusing questions to get better answer from the right source.

Things To Avoid When Getting Personal Loans:

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There are many things that matters a lot and supposed to look into before getting a personal loan; they are,

  • Pre-compute interest

This is a complicated way of calculating your interest and the reason is to be assured that you pay more interest in the early stage of your loan. When you pay off the interest at the early stage, you may end up paying higher than what you supposed to pay.

  • Origination fee

For you to avoid this is by chance because most of the personal loans have provision for origination fee, so is not really so easy to avoid it. To make sure that your deal is genuine, compare the APR of a loan not the interest rate.

  • Prepayment penalties

There are indirect ways in which prepayment penalties are being charged that is why some of the lenders do not charge for it, so you can avoid it entirely. Just do ask if it exists to the lender you want to borrow from.

The Requirements Needed For Getting A Personal Loan:

To get a personal loan from financial institution, banks, organizations or online lenders, you are expected to have at least the minimum requirement such as (a) personal information (b) income information (c) additional information and (d) collateral.

  • Personal Information:

Generally, for your application form to be complete, you will need to provide your personal information such as name, residential address, date of birth, phone number and Social Security Number (SSN).

  • Income Information:

Before you get qualified for getting a loan, the lender will like to know your source monthly source of income in which you get the money to pay back. Normally, the lender will ask you for the name of your employers, contact information and the date they employed you.

  • Additional Information:

If you really need a loan that will be approved faster than other, your lender may need some of the additional information like tax returns, utility bills for address verification, rent payment, statement of your bank account etc.

  • Collateral:

When you are applying for a secured loan, you will need to provide valued assets as collateral. These valued assets include something like cars, stores, house etc. the reason behind this is in case you are unable to pay back the money, the lender can sell those thing to get back the money that you borrowed.


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